Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals

The topic of real estate tax assessments has been a big issue, especially in Lancaster County recently, as preliminary reassessment notices were recently sent to property owners.  Some have seen significant adjustments in their assessments, with increased assessments exceeding 40% in some cases.  Final assessments will be mailed to property owners by around June 1, 2017.  However, if a property owner does not agree with the revised assessment the assessment can be appealed within 40 days of receipt of the new assessment amount.

If you decide to appeal a real estate tax assessment, a hearing will be scheduled before the Real Estate Tax Assessment Board.  At that time, the taxpayer can put forth arguments regarding why the new assessment is inappropriate and argue for a lower assessed amount, which will result in decreased tax liability.  In order to make a credible case to challenge an assessment, an appraisal should be obtained from a licensed appraiser who is experienced in testifying in tax assessment appeals.  The attorneys at Trinity Law are experienced in handling tax assessment appeals and can help present a compelling case to the board to challenge an assessment.

If you are interested in challenging a real estate tax assessment, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Trinity Law today at Our attorneys routinely handle real estate tax matters in York, Lancaster, and surrounding counties.

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