Adoption Law: Court-Appointed Investigator

In a previous blog, we had discussed some examples of what adopting families may expect once they have officially filed an adoption petition with the Court. In this blog, we will specifically address the Court’s appointment of an investigator when applicable to an adoption case.

Independent Source

While the title may seem intimidating, it is routine in nature.  The Court needs an independent source to provide information about you, your home and your family by preparing a report.  There is a court-approved list of investigators who may be assigned to complete this task.   It is up to the investigator to contact you and schedule an appointment at your home with your family.  The cost associated with this appointment is to be paid directly to the court by the adopting family.

What to Expect

  • There will most likely be only one home visit with the investigator. Overall the visit will last about an hour and a half – think of it as a “get to know you” session. They will make a preliminary determination whether or not your home is in the best interest of the adoptee.
  • They may also look in the rooms of your home, checking closets, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. They may ask the adoptee to show them where his/her room is located.
  • They will ask probing questions about your demographic information. For example: home life, finances, how much money you made? How long have you been married? How long have you lived in your home?
  • They will first speak with the adoptee in your presence (not privately).
  • They will ask the adoptee how he/she feels about the adoption and if he/she understands what adoption means.

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