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Employment law issues can create real pitfalls for businesses and employees alike. The employment law attorneys at Trinity Law help business owners and employees face the challenging situations that come up in the workplace. Our team is experienced at human resources and wrongful termination.

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Employment Contracts and Restrictions Part 1: The Basics

Many employers are concerned about training an employee, teaching them about their business, introducing them to customers, sharing confidential information, etc., only to see them leave at some future time to go work for a competitor.  To stop this from happening, the employer may ask an employee to sign an agreement that prohibits such conduct. […]

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Youth Worker Wage and Hour Laws

So you have youth workers working for you?  Sure, they are inexperienced, but they have a lot of energy and cost a lot less as well. So, what are the wage and hour laws for youth workers?  Some of the answers may surprise you. The federal law dealing with this issue, called the Fair Labor […]

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Ready, Set: Fire! 6 Tips on How to Fire an Employee

Let’s face it, Employers; firing an employee is one of the toughest things you have to do in your business. Except for those rare occasions (or people) where it provides some measure of gratitude to get rid of a truly “bad apple,” this is one thing that routinely keeps supervisors up at night. That said, […]

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