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Auto Insurance: Are You Really Covered?

Save a few bucks on auto insurance? Legal for cheaper? Sure!  Who could be against that?  The dirty little secret is, while you are saving a few bucks (and it generally is only a few dollars) you are at great risk.  For example, in Pennsylvania, every person with auto insurance must have either “Limited Tort” […]

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Top 5 motor vehicle stops that surprise drivers

In Pennsylvania a police officer must either have reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a violation of the motor vehicle code has occurred in order to stop a vehicle. Probable cause is required when the alleged violation is complete, for example speeding or an expired inspection sticker.  Only reasonable suspicion is required if the alleged […]

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Auto Accident: Who Pays the Medical Bills?

So, you have been in a car crash that was not your fault and now the medical bills are piling up. The pressing question is: “Who is responsible to pay for them?” Under Pennsylvania law, when a person buys auto insurance, the auto insurance company is required to offer and provide you with at least […]

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Collisions with Deer and Pennsylvania Motorists: Who knew?

I come from a family of hunters, especially deer hunters. As a lawyer, I have been helping folks who’ve been in all manner of car crashes in Pennsylvania for over 22 years. So I was quite intrigued by a recent article I read about statistics involving deer accidents and motor vehicles. As it turns out […]

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