Business/Commercial Law

Business and law go hand in hand. Everything from setting up shop through employment and trade practices are governed by statute and case law, both state and federal. This is not only for the protection of the public and employees, but also for the protection of the business owner and to promote orderly commerce, which is in everyone’s interest. The attorneys at Trinity Law provide advice on all matters of important business law in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Cumberland, and Adams counties in Pennsylvania. Whether you are just starting and trying to decide on the form of business organization (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company or more), hiring employees, entering into or enforcing a contract or engaging in acquisitions and mergers, the attorneys at Trinity Law are able to provide you with a full range of services to meet whatever needs you have.Visit our Business Resources page for blog posts and podcasts providing advice for business owners like you. To schedule an initial consultation, fill out the online form or give us a call at 717-843-8046.

Business Organization

The attorneys at Trinity Law can counsel you in regard to which form of business organization will most suit your needs. The law provides a great variety of choices from sole proprietorship and partnership to corporations to limited liability companies, and more. Each of these forms has distinct attributes that make them more or less attractive depending on your personal situation and your needs relative to tax issues, the need for limited liability and the ease of management, but in each case, the attorneys can help you find the form that meets your need. In addition, once you have decided upon a form of business organization, we can assist you with all of the filings, by-laws and operating agreements and other papers and information that you need in order to get your business up and running.


Hiring and firing employees is no simple matter. The employment law attorneys at Trinity Law can advise you as to what the law requires in regard to hiring an employee, paying an employee, providing legally mandated notices, and assist you in resolving any employment disputes which may arise. In addition, we can help you develop employee manuals and draw up employment contracts and non-compete agreements. Employers in York, Dauphin and Lancaster County Pennsylvania regularly rely on the legal advice our employment lawyers provide.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Companies change and grow. Sometimes the path of growth is acquiring a new company or merging with a new company. Sometimes this merger simply involves a change of form from one company to another. In any of these cases, our attorneys at Trinity Law can assist you in accomplishing the goals of your business plan.


The formation, interpretation, and execution of contracts are the basis of a tremendous amount of litigation. Our experienced attorneys at Trinity Law will guide you through all of the aspects of the life of a contract. We can assist you in drafting a contract that protects your rights. We can guide you in maximizing your rights and benefits under your contracts, and we can assist you in enforcing the contracts if anything should go wrong.


Collection law is resorted to when your customers do not make their payments. The attorneys at Trinity Law can effectively assist you in enforcing collection when you are not being paid. This can be from a basic District Justice action to much more expanded litigation when the debt is large and the client has the money but refuses to pay and is attempting to hide or protect his assets. Our commercial collection lawyers handle cases in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Cumberland and Adams counties in Pennsylvania.

Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is the method of choice for huge number of Americans. It offers the flexibility of being completely in control and doing everything your way. On the other hand, there are tax advantages and disadvantages to this method and it provides no protection for your personal assets from lawsuits or potential debt based on a contract which did not work out as you had planned. The attorneys at Trinity Law are well-equipped to advise you on the various advantages and disadvantages of operating as a sole proprietorship and assist you in regard to any matter relative to your business.


Partnerships are similar to sole proprietorships in that they provide tremendous flexibility to design your business as you wish but also have the similar disadvantages of limited protection from potential liability. The attorneys at Trinity Law are able to advise you in regard to the various benefits and disadvantages of this form of business. In addition, we can assist you in drawing up a partnership agreement and advising you in regard to all of the other aspects of operation and the solution of a partnership.


Corporations were long the mainstay of a businessman who wanted protection from potential liability. In addition, if there are more than a few persons, they provide a much more effective mechanism for running a business than a partnership. On the other hand, there are tax consequences and other operational requirements, which make a corporation more unwieldy than many of the other forms of business organizations. If you are interested in forming a corporation, the attorneys at Trinity Law can guide you through all of the steps of corporate formation and governance, including drawing up the papers and filing them with them with the appropriate government departments.

Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are probably the fastest growing new business form. They offer the limited liability protection of a corporation but the flexibility of a partnership or, even, a sole proprietorship. As with all forms of business organization, there are advantages and disadvantages. The attorneys at Trinity Law are well-equipped to help you make sense of all the options and assist you in drawing up and filing the necessary documents to form a limited liability company.

Employee Manuals

Employee manuals are becoming an increasingly important part of running a business in the United States. A well-designed employee manual can promote clarity and efficiency at the same time as it reduces an employer’s liability. The attorneys at Trinity Law can assist you in developing both employee policies and a manual that effectively conveys your policies in a way that protects your interests as a business owner.

Employment Contracts

Unless there is an employment contract, all employment in Pennsylvania is “at will”. “At will” Pennsylvania employment law gives both the employee and the employer the right to terminate employment for virtually any non-discriminatory reason. However, there are times when either or both the employee and the employer want the security of an employment contract. The attorneys at Trinity Law can assist you in negotiating and drawing up an employment contract which will meet the needs of your business.

Non-Compete Agreements

In some cases, it is necessary to include a non-compete and/or a confidentiality provision as either a part of an employment contract or as a separate agreement itself. The purpose for a non-compete agreement is that a potential or existing employee or business associate may have or may learn skills which are essential to your business, but which could be devastating if that person took them with him when he left and established a competing business. Such agreements must be carefully drafted. A confidentiality agreement is meant to help keep your unique information, data, and trade secrets from being turned over to your business competitors. The attorneys at Trinity Law can help you frame a non-compete and confidentiality agreement which will both meet your needs and withstand legal scrutiny.