Protection From Abuse (PFA)

At Trinity Law, we represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in actions under the Protection from Abuse Act (PFA).The purpose of the Protection from Abuse Act is to provide a civil mechanism whereby abused individuals can seek an Order of Court prohibiting contact by a spouse, significant other, parent, child, or certain relatives who have abused them. There are five general categories of abuse as defined under the PFA statute, some of which include knowingly causing bodily injury, placing another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury, and engaging in a course of conduct that places another in fear of bodily injury.

Experienced Defense against Abuse

Sometimes, an individual can become the victim of abuse at the hands of a spouse, significant other, parent, child or other relative. At Trinity Law, we represent such abused individuals to help them gain protection and help protect them against the recurrence of the abuse in the future. Additionally, many PFAs are filed not to gain protection from an abuser but to gain an advantage in a divorce or custody case. At Trinity Law, we defend individuals who have wrongly been accused of abuse when no abuse occurred.

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