Divorce Resources

Divorce drastically affects your life and the lives of your family forever. Your divorce will affect your current income and standard of living, along with changing your retirement plans. It may impact your job, your social circles, and where you live. And the impact of a divorce only magnifies the longer you’ve been married or if you have children.

At Trinity Law, our divorce attorneys are committed to supporting you during this most trying time. We’ll help you navigate this complex process, including property distribution, child support, child custody & visitation, and spousal support/alimony.

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Retirement Benefit Basics

During most divorce proceedings, parties have to divide retirement benefits as well.  There are essentially 2 types of retirement benefits: 1) defined contribution plans, and 2) defined benefit plans.  A defined contribution plan is the most common type of retirement plan today.  This is a plan in which an individual contributes money to an account, […]

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