Divorce – Facts of Life

In today’s society, many people believe that their problems would be solved if they were divorced, that a divorce will increase their happiness, and that a divorce does not affect a person or their children significantly.  These are myths that are not close to the truth.


When spouses separate and file for divorce, they now must support two households on the same amount of income previously used to support one household.  Expenses double while income remains the same. 

Common sense and simple mathematics indicate that divorce causes severe financial problems and necessitates a severe decline in each party’s standard of living.  Typically, the decline in standard of living is experienced more by the lower earning spouse.


In addition, good parenting becomes more difficult.  Decisions relative to childrearing and discipline now need to be negotiated between mother and father.  Furthermore, divorces create animosity between the parents, which makes discussions relative to childrearing near impossible. 

As a result, children tend to get poor grades, get in trouble at school, and experience mental health difficulties, such as depression. Neither mother nor father have much free time because of the responsibilities associated with running a single household and taking care of the children.


Divorce also takes an emotional toll on each spouse.  The sense of rejection caused by divorce is impossible to describe unless one has lived through it. Furthermore, a former spouse, instead of being a loving and trusted companion, can turn into a hated enemy. 

Inevitably, this sense of rejection can cause mental health issues, including depression, and can negatively affect all aspect of one’s life, including their job performance.

We Can Help

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