Child Support and Spousal Support

Experienced Counsel in Child Support and Spousal Support Matters

When you are considering filing for divorce or are already a party to a divorce proceeding, issues related to child support and spousal support can often be the most difficult to resolve. You want what’s best for your children, but you also want to know that you aren’t taking responsibility for more than your fair share. You want an experienced attorney to protect your interests, one who has successfully helped other in similar circumstances.

Child Support Lawyers in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania

At the law office of Trinity Law, we have worked closely with men and women in divorce matters for over 30 years. We built our practice on a commitment to provide caring and compassionate counsel to people across eastern and central Pennsylvania, from Harrisburg to York to Lancaster. We take a holistic approach to questions of child support and spousal support, looking at how they affect all aspects of your divorce. Because of our considerable experience, we are able to effectively resolve the complex issues that often come with the end of a long-term marriage.

To learn more about how we can help you resolve support disagreements, contact our office online or call us at 717-843-8046 (toll-free at 866-464-5297) to set up an appointment.

Our Child Support Practice

We handle Lancaster child support matters at all stages of a divorce, whether you have just filed and need to determine temporary support while your divorce is pending, or your divorce is final and you need representation in a proceeding to modify or enforce child support. We will carefully review all proposed child support orders for compliance with Pennsylvania guidelines and to ensure that all relevant income is included in the calculation. We can also handle requests to deviate from the guidelines when there are special or extenuating circumstances.

Our Spousal Support Practice

We will help you establish whether spousal support is necessary in your situation and, if so, how much should be paid and whether the support should be temporary, rehabilitative or permanent. We will carefully examine all the factors the court will consider, such as the length of your marriage, the age and health of the parties, the lifestyle to which the parties are accustomed, and the prospective earning capacities of both parties.