Debt Collection

At Trinity Law, we understand that the collection of debts is all too often a necessary action in order to maintain a successful business. After all, if you or your business does not receive payment for the products or services you provide, you cannot prosper. Our York, Pennsylvania, attorneys have successfully pursued debt collection activities on retail, commercial and business accounts totaling millions of dollars. Our clients have included residents and businesses both in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S., ranging in size from small companies and individuals, to nationally known companies.

Starting Collection Proceedings in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania collection law places strict time limits on how long a person or business has to collect debts against a debtor. Therefore, if you want to pursue a collection claim, it is imperative that you notify a Pennsylvania debt collection attorney as soon as possible. Our experienced team regularly works in Lancaster County, York County and Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, and has successfully engaged in collection activity across the state. Trinity Law, will work diligently to ensure that the collection of your financial account is taken care of in a timely and efficient manner.

Once a Judgment Is Obtained

Creditors often find themselves in the position of having a valid judgment in hand, but still have difficulty collecting from the debtor. In these situations, our lawyers can help you understand your options regarding post-judgment remedies, such as attachment or bank garnishments.

Similarly, you might have obtained a judgment in a different state, but now need to execute that judgment in Pennsylvania. We can walk you through the process of domesticating a judgment in our state so that you can move forward with collection efforts.

We will put our firm’s experience of over 30 years in collections to work for your business to aggressively pursue a delinquent debtor to obtain judgment. We will promptly move ahead to turn your Pennsylvania judgment into cash as effectively and efficiently as possible. In many cases, and at certain phases of the collection process, we will handle collection work on a contingent fee basis, which means you may not owe attorney’s fees unless we are successful in our efforts.

Problems With a Delinquent Debtor? Our Lancaster Attorneys Can Help.

For more information about how Trinity Law, handles debt collection cases in Pennsylvania, please call 717-843-8046 or contact our law firm online.