Post-Judgment Remedies

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If you are a creditor who has secured a judgment against a debtor but have yet to receive any recovery, you may be wondering about your options. There are a variety of methods available for the enforcement of your judgment. However, it takes an experienced attorney to help you understand which of these post-judgment remedies fits your needs.

At Trinity Law, our goal is to help creditors recover the money they are owed, and to do so quickly and within budget. With more than 30 years of Pennsylvania debt collection experience, our York post-judgment remedies attorneys are deeply familiar with the tools at your disposal. The tools include:

  • Examination of the judgment debtor’s assets: Our lawyers can subpoena the debtor and request full disclosure of his or her assets and liabilities. A court can compel this disclosure when necessary.
  • Bank garnishment: Using databases and private investigators (if needed) will work to uncover a debtor’s bank assets. If accounts are located, they can be garnished or frozen.
  • Brokerage garnishments: This is similar to bank garnishment as mentioned above.
  • Attachment: In this process, property owned by a creditor but which is possessed by the debtor can be recovered. Typically, a sheriff or other law enforcement official serves the debtor with a writ of attachment, after which the property is sold at auction and the proceeds go to the creditor.
  • Execution of real and personal property: If you have a valid judgment in hand, we can obtain a writ of execution. This writ allows the debtor real and personal property to be seized and sold at auction to satisfy the debt.

A Note on Foreign Judgments

If you have a judgment issued by the court of another state or country and now need to enforce the judgment in Pennsylvania, you must first have the judgment domesticated. Our experienced York County debt collection attorneys can help you through this often-complex process, enabling you to pursue the money you are rightfully owed.

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