Auto Insurance: Are You Really Covered?

Save a few bucks on auto insurance? Legal for cheaper? Sure!  Who could be against that?  The dirty little secret is, while you are saving a few bucks (and it generally is only a few dollars) you are at great risk.  For example, in Pennsylvania, every person with auto insurance must have either “Limited Tort” or “Full Tort” coverage.  “Limited Tort” will save you some money, however, if you are in an auto collision that is not your fault, you are “limited” in what claims you can make.  Specifically, you cannot claim anything for pain and suffering, unless you have a “serious injury” or have “permanent serious disfigurement.”  Under the law, it is very tough to establish that your injury is “serious,” in all but the clearest of cases.
A pain and suffering claim is generally the largest claim a person has.  Most people just do not understand that they lose this claim by selecting “Limited Tort” for their auto insurance.  During law school, I was always “Limited Tort” because, like most people, I did not fully understand what “Limited Tort” was all about.  Soon after handling auto collision cases, however, and seeing the effects of it on peoples’ lives, I quickly switched to “Full Tort” coverage.
We meet scores of people who are shocked to learn they have “Limited Tort” insurance and that this will stop them from making any injury claims. Protect yourself and your family. Check your auto insurance today!  If you have “Limited Tort” coverage, we strongly recommend that you change it to “Full Tort” without delay. The additional cost is well worth the protection you will receive.

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