“Litigation” is a term that encompasses many unique and unrelated areas of the law. Below is but a partial list of the kinds of cases our firm has handled over the past few decades. Despite the wide variety in the types of cases, they all have one thing in common: the threat or likelihood of ending up in an actual hearing or court trial. How you prepare to meet that challenge can and often will make all the difference in the result. It is crucial that you have competent legal representation from the very start of any matter that may end up in court.This results for several reasons. First, what you think will never make it to a courtroom actually might. If it does, what you said and did in the early part of the relationship or events between you and the other parties could have significant consequences at trial. Unfortunately, individuals and businesses often only come to a lawyer after circumstances have occurred which make a court trial or hearing virtually inevitable. Therefore, while you and the other parties are still on speaking terms, having solid representation increases the chances that you will be able to deal with your legal issues in an amicable way, and stay out of court altogether. Second, having legal representation from the start makes sound economic sense. If you are able to resolve your disputes and stay out of court, you will conserve your financial resources.Many times, people and businesses stake out positions which make matters worse. They operate from an emotional perspective, not from one that is sensible and logical. Emotions often rule the decision-making process. When emotion becomes the basis of decisions, the decisions are often poor, short-sighted decisions. In the end, it costs you money that is best spent elsewhere. Speaking of emotion, our lawyers have seen how the emotional toll that results from litigation can disrupt you and your family whether the issue is a divorce or custody matter or a Will contest. The attorneys at Trinity Law will focus on your goals. We will bring our experience to your case so that you and those involved in your life can deal with the legal issues with as little frustration as possible; all while keeping the economic picture in view.Of course, there are times when going to court simply cannot be avoided, despite your best efforts. For such cases, you need solid legal representation. The law firm of Trinity Law has been providing quality litigation services to businesses and individuals in the York, Lancaster and surrounding communities in Pennsylvania for many years. We practice before the local judges and we know the rules and procedures. We also know what it takes to make the best case or defense possible.Please contact our litigation attorneys to review your case and begin working with you today.

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