Prenuptial Agreements

Helping You Put a Plan in Place for the Future

No one enters a marriage with the intent to one day get divorced. Unfortunately, the unexpected sometimes happens.

Having a prenuptial agreement in place that specifies premarital property as well as the way in which joint assets will be divided in the event of a divorce can help to save time and money and preserve amicable relations.

At the law firm of Trinity Law, our York, Pennsylvania, prenuptial agreement attorneys understand it can be difficult to think about legalities and a future divorce during the joyous time of engagement and marriage preparation. However, we believe in the importance of people protecting themselves from whatever the future may hold.

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Protecting Yourself, Your Spouse and Your Children

Putting a prenuptial agreement in place does not mean you love or trust your partner any less. A prenuptial or antenuptial agreement can help both of you and any children from previous relationships maintain the lifestyle and inheritance rights you enjoyed prior to the marriage, regardless of what may occur at a later time.

With more than 30 years of experience in family law matters, the lawyers at our law firm understand each case is different. They take the time to listen to your particular needs and help you to craft a document that serves its intended purpose and stands the test of time.

Should your marriage sadly end in divorce, your prenuptial agreement will provide a solid starting point for sometimes challenging issues such as alimony and property division.