The term used in the legal field when CYF gets involved in family matters is “dependency.” Essentially, Children and Youth Service Agency petitions the court to declare that a child needs services from the State, which can even include, in drastic cases, taking one or more children from the parents, and placing them into foster care. Our attorneys have experience in this area of the law, in both dealing with the Dependency Court and local Children & Youth Service Agencies as well as dealing with appeals to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Public Welfare. Like all Family Law matters, we have handled cases in many counties in the South Central and South Eastern areas of Pennsylvania. We will represent you right from the very beginning when you get that frightening call from a Children & Youth Services Agency right through the process, as far as the process may carry you.
A dependency action involves a number of different types of hearings as follows:
  • Shelter Care Hearing: This determines whether emergency placement of the child outside of the home is necessary.
  • Adjudication Hearing: This determines whether the child should be found “dependent” on state services, A.K.A CYF.
  • Permanency Review Hearing: This determines whether the child should be reunified with his or her biological parents or adopted.

There are many factors to consider when a judge makes a decision at one of these hearings. Many times, parents do not even understand what is being required of them, or they feel as if their rights are being violated.

We can help you navigate through this process, while helping you protect your rights and re-unifying your family.