When Does an Employer Need an Employment Lawyer?

For a business to succeed, it has to be able to manage its employees just like any other resource. Having the solid guidance to help you avoid costly errors when dealing with employee issues is a necessity. The employment lawyers at Trinity Law know that, when it comes to personnel management, the best defense is a good offense. Limiting employee claims against your business starts before any employee is ever interviewed. It is important that you do more than meet the Federal and State labor requirements. Good human resources management requires that a specific hiring plan and related procedure must be in place. This is the foundation upon which the entire employment relationship is based.

The successful employer must have an exceptional policy manual in place.

The employer must take the proper steps to communicate what is and what is not acceptable behavior in the work place. A good manual does that – and more. The employment lawyers at Trinity Law will partner with your management and human resources department to insure that your business meets the requirements of the numerous State and Federal labor laws governing employment. On addition, we will provide sound advice and strategies to help insulate your business from successful future claims of illegality.

At Trinity Law, our employment lawyers provide sound advice from the beginning of the employment relationship to the end. For example, we answer questions about drug testing, criminal backgrounds, and credit checks, frequently associated with early employment. Likewise, we advise employers on discipline and termination strategies as well, often associated with the tail-end of the employment relationship.

The following is a list of just some of the areas for which we provide legal advice and guidance:

  • Non-compete provisions
  • Confidentiality provisions
  • Employment agreements
  • Discipline/termination
  • Separation agreements
  • Policy/manual reviews
  • Drug testing
  • Criminal checks
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Credit checks
  • Discrimination policies
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Computer policies
  • Cell phone usage policies