Unemployment Compensation Hearing? You Need An Attorney

I meet with people weekly it seems who have tried to handle their unemployment compensation case on their own. Sure, they filed for the benefits on their own and were even approved. That all seemed easy enough, and no lawyer was needed.

Unfortunately, if an appeal is filed and an unemployment compensation hearing date is set, the employee believes, quite in error, that the hearing is something they can handle as well. After all, how hard can it be? But then, they go to the hearing and lose. In fact, some people with whom I’ve met attended a hearing where the employer did not even show up — and still somehow lose. Ouch!

Unemployment Compensation Lawyers Can Help More Before a Hearing

After they’ve lost their unemployment compensation hearing, the light goes on and they begin to think about a lawyer. While I have helped many people at this late stage in their appeal to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, things are much more complicated by then.

As I wrote about in a prior blog, I simply cannot undo the errors that were made at the hearing. Also, any documents, witness testimony, or other evidence that could have been produced but was not, is essentially barred from being heard on appeal under the rules. Of course, there are errors that occur and can often be used as a basis for an appeal, but it can be a challenge to identify such errors.

Get Help Before Your Hearing

My advice? If you have a Pennsylvania unemployment compensation claim, please get an experienced lawyer involved as soon as possible and certainly well before your hearing. The experienced Pennsylvania unemployment compensation lawyers at Trinity Law, who have handled hundreds of cases in York, Lancaster, Adams, Dauphin and surrounding counties, will be glad to help you today.