Is Open Adoption right for your family?

Open adoption can take on many forms, and it is important for the parties involved in the equation to know where they stand on this issue before entering into the final stages of the adoption. In fact, the earlier that you can identify what level of contact you want the child to have with the birth parents, the better.

Older Children

When an adoption involves an older child, it is imperative to know how that child feels about ongoing contact with their birth parents, as well.  An open adoption can mean simply that the child will be provided with biological parent information up to regular visits/vacations with biological parents.


It may be difficult to know what an infant will desire to know in the future about the biological parents, so by allowing some form of open communication may be right for you and your family.  Depending upon the age of the adoptive child, you may want to allow for the exchange of a letter one time per year, or phone contact once every quarter, or in some cases visits may be appropriate.

Unfortunately, there are some situations where on going contact with the biological parents is not appropriate.  Thankfully, adoptive families have a wide variety of resources available to them today to assist in this decision making process.  The attorneys at Trinity law have experience in these matters and are available to discuss your legal options with you.

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