Can/Should Adopted Children See Their Biological Parents?

Continued Contact

When you are considering adoption, it is important to know whether or not you would like the adoptee(s) (child(ren) to be adopted) to have continued contact with their biological family after the adoption is final.


In accordance with Act 101 of 2010, Petitioners filing for Termination of Parental Rights and/or a Petition for Adoption are required to provide proof to the court that Act 101 Notice had been sent to all parties.  The Act 101 Notice informs all parties of the option to enter into an enforceable agreement to continue contact with the adopted child(ren) once an adoption has been granted. This does not mean that the child(ren) must have continued contact with their biological parents after the adoption, but that the option must be presented to them.

Consider the Options

Depending upon your adoption circumstances, this may not be an option for you.  Nonetheless, it is prudent to have an idea of what type of post adoption contact may be beneficial to the child(ren) – perhaps letter writing or the exchange of photos on a yearly basis.  It may not be beneficial for any post adoption contact in your particular situation.  If this is the case, then the court must be made aware that no agreement has been reached.

We Can Help You Make an Informed Choice

As you can imagine, there are many complicated steps in the adoption process, one of which is determining how to handle the question of post adoption contact.  It is undoubtedly in your best interest to have a legal expert by your side as you take this life-changing journey.  The attorneys at Trinity law are ready and eager to assist you in growing your family and making sure it is a journey well taken.

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