Concealed Carry Insurance

As a criminal defense attorney who has conducted concealed carry seminars in both York and Lancaster Counties, one of the questions I consistently get asked is about the availability of insurance to protect an individual from liability in the unfortunate event that they are involved in a self defense shooting. Such insurance policies are available, and can provide impressive coverage for comparatively little cost. In selecting a policy, you should ensure that you are getting coverage that provides for your legal defense – both civil and criminal, as well as for a civil judgment that could be entered against you. Additional types of coverage are also available, including coverage that pays…

…you for days you spend in court covering lost wages up to a certain dollar amount. The types and amounts of coverage you require depend on many factors, including what part of the country you live in, how regularly you carry your firearm (and even whether you carry it outside your home), whether you have dependents (relying on your income), whether you are married, and your level of wealth. Also, be aware that some policies only provide reimbursement of your legal fees after you are acquitted of a crime, meaning you must have the funds available upfront to cover the cost of your attorney’s fees.

Both the NRA and the USCCA have endorsed insurance providers, but don’t overlook your existing insurance company. Many companies have policies or policy riders that will at least protect you for the use of force to defend yourself in your home. Depending upon your needs, this may be a better option for you. As for cost, I have found policies that start as low as $135 per year with the best policies running $600 a year or so. But, be aware that many insurance providers require you to have an established relationship with an attorney who can advise you in the aftermath of a defensive shooting. The attorneys at Menges & McLaughlin have the experience and expertise to guide you through what will be, no doubt, one of the most traumatic experiences of your life.