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As a church or not-for-profit entity, you have a vital role to play in our community and society. But it can be difficult to stay informed on the different statutes, regulations, and case law that apply to your organization.

As a Christian-based law firm in Lancaster and York counties, we help churches and non-profit organizations apply for non-profit status, organize their governance, and comply with reporting laws.

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Social Media and the Church Part 4: Continued Steps 

Church  |  February 16, 2018

Forms and Documents

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  • Conditional Attendance Agreement
  • Home Education Affidavit
  • Hand-Held Devices
  • Lock-In Checklist
  • Electronic Equipment Policy Form
  • Prayer Chain Request and Authorization Form
  • Work Projects & Mission Trip Volunteer Form
  • Volunteers with Youth Groups Registration Form
  • Volunteer Driver Registration Form
  • Volunteer Driver Policy
  • Suggested Questions for Clergy Applicant
  • Sample Handbook Disclosure Form
  • Sample At-Will Disclosure Form
  • Release and Waiver of Claims for Youth Activities (newly revised)
  • Reference Release Form
  • Pastoral Candidate Reference Release Form
  • Pastoral Candidate Reference List Form
  • Pastoral Candidate Reference Check Form
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    (Church Corner Article) (Published in the Fall/Winter of 2007 Newsletter) I attended church for many years before I first heard of the “Lock In,” although I was quite familiar with the concept. A lock in is a Church or charity event, that usually includes an all night youth activity where the premises is sometimes locked, […]

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    Are Designated Gifts Enforceable?

    (Church Corner Article) (Published in the Spring/Summer of 2007 Newsletter) Generally speaking, designated gifts to a church or similar organization (such as “to missions” or to “building project,” etc.) are not enforceable by the person making the gift (i.e., the donor). Unless the donor has placed specific restrictions on the gift, such as retaining the […]

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    Welcome To Our Crib

    By the title, you may think I am speaking of your church building but, believe it or not, I am really speaking about your literal crib. You know – the one you put infants in during church services, or possibly during the week if your church runs a daycare? What you may not know is […]

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    Sex Offenders and Church Attendance: Getting It Right

    Today, more than ever, Churches need to be aware of who is coming onto their property, what they are doing, and where they are going. From groups that use or rent space from the Church, to those who want to attend Church services and events. The Church is or can be held legally liable for […]

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